Monday, December 6, 2010

It Is Wonderful To Be Understanding

If male and female understand the differences between them, they will not make mistakes that can hurt or offend the relationship thus improving their cohabitation as husband and wife.
Men must not offer unsolicited solutions to solve problems without listening to the opposite sex.
Women must not offer unsolicited advice or constructive criticism to make men feel inferior.
The above mentioned mistakes do not mean that everything is wrong with both sexes because these are very positive attributes in life; it is just the right approach or wrong timing.
The female will greatly appreciate when male listen to their problems when they are upset and not to offer solutions instantly.
But just talk about it, then gradually women will feel better unlike mechanical things, you need to fix and repair.
Men alike will greatly appreciate when women refrain from pressing for improvement, giving unsolicited advices or heavy criticism which can make them feel unloved and being controlled.
They would love her acceptance but not her advice in order to learn from their mistakes.
Once men feel that she is not forcing him to improve, they are more likely turning back for feedback and solicited advice.
Knowing the differences will make it easy to be more supportive, respecting each another’s sensitiveness.
And in addition to this we are able to identify why our partner resist us and to avoid making mistakes in wrong approach and timing.

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