Friday, December 10, 2010

Woman finding relief by talking

Men as if by nature usually resist when women start talking to them about their problems and assume that the opposite sex is holding them responsible.
Actually the male did not realize that female will feel relief, better and will appreciate if being attentive to listen when talking to him.
Why men do not want to listen when women talk?
Because when the female is upset, male assume that she is blaming him and if less upset the assumption will be seeking advice.
Normally what happen is, when women ask for advice it means men have to solve the problems.
If men assume she is blaming him then he had to draw up his defense to protect from attack.
Female would just love to continue talking more and more problems when male provide solution after solution trying to make them feel better.
Men will feel rejected and unappreciated if women after receiving solutions still do not feel good or better.
At such, do you think the male will like to listen to female talk?
It is normal, when women start attacking; men will defend by explaining without realizing it is not the explanations required, instead she want him to understand her feelings.
Such actions will make the female more upset, so if the opposite sex is wise, just listen first allow her to complain later on she will change the subject.
But women must not bring up problems that men cannot solve, because it will make them frustrated and will heat up ending in argument.
Smart female can always use diplomatic approach.
It can be expressing their worries, frustrations and disappointments, letting him to understand it are merely to feel relief.
Too many details in the women talk will also make men impatient because they will assume she is pushing for immediate solution.
In addition, male always look for the bottom line and the outcome otherwise he cannot formulate solution, so she must try to simplified details in her talk.
There is way to avoid making men frustrated is to give advance outcome of the complaint and provide details later.
Do not keep him in suspense although most female love letting suspense build because it can create more feeling in their story.
It will be alright to do so with other women but not for men, it makes them feel frustrated.
It will be wise, if the male can tolerate to listen to her complains, so that she can feel being cared, supported and understood with ease.
Furthermore, if men learn more how to fulfill a woman by emotional support, he will discover that listening to her talk is not so difficult after all.
Critically, it is more important that women must remind that men are not blamed or have to solve their problems.
But just wish to talk in order to feel relief and good.
Such understanding will make men more relax to listen to women talk.
For both partners to live together in peace, it must make to understand and respect individual natural differences.
It mean men must understand that women release their tension by openly talk and she also must realise he need to go in retreat to cope stress.

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