Monday, December 6, 2010

Stress Talk

Both sexes have much difference in coping with stress they accumulated in their daily lives which is unavoidable in the human world.
The difference is men can become increasingly focused and withdrawn to their shell, while women will increasingly overwhelmed and getting more emotionally involved.
Male by nature feel better in solving their problems while the opposite sex likes to talk about problems to make them feel good.
If both sexes do not understand each another well and to accept these differences will create frictions to their relationship which may cause separation later on.
Typically, let us define how the differences can cause painful events by looking into the common happening.
Jim comes home looking tired and stress will want to sit quietly at one corner to read newspaper because of his unsolved problems and try to find relief to temporary forget them.
Jane at the same time also want to feel relax from her stressful day but wish to relief by talking about her problems she is facing.
At such situation, tension can grow between them, because Jim found Jane is talking too much and feels uneasy to listen to them as his problems are not solve yet.
Jane, while talking receive no response or getting negative reply will start to feel that she is being ignored by Jim, so here is how often fire can spark off.
So the misunderstanding start to begin because they did not know the differences between the two opposite sexes thus will cause them to drift apart.
Such situations are very common and is recognize, it happen to almost every relationship that are at odds.
To solve the problem between Jim and Jane does not only depend on how much they love each another.
But is how much they get to understand their natural differences and the understanding in order to prevent further relationship being torn apart.

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