Wednesday, December 8, 2010

How men cope with their stress

Men usually when get upset do not like to talk about what is bothering them.
They will try at all stances not burden their friends or family rather stay put to solve their problems, unless it is necessary otherwise he will plan a retreat privately.
At his private retreat, he will probably pound over how to look for solutions to eradicate his bothering problems.
It is only when solutions been found, and then the male will crawl from their private retreat with much better feelings.
If men are unable to find the solutions that required solving their problems, they tend to look for some other activities to disengage his mind temporary.
And if the stress is too great they may look for more exciting thrills or challenging activities to disengage the mind to make them feel temporary relax until those problems are solved.
On the other side, when women become upset or feel stressed by their daily routines or workload either at home or office, what will they do?
They would probably seek to call their trusted and reliable friends or family members to talk about their problems in details.
Differently, when women share their feelings of being overwhelmed, funny enough, they will feel better and relax.
Practically, for the female to share her problems is not shameful and not classified as a burden, instead it is considered as a sign of love and trust.
Women’s ego is dependent on looking competent but more favor in loving relationships.
They love to be open sharing their feelings of confusion, hopeless, overwhelmed and exhausted.
Now the different feelings clearly defined that men feels better and good when they solve their problems in confinement.
Women will feel better and relax when they shared their problems openly with their loyal lovely friends or family members.
This natural phenomenon of feeling good is common and applicable in every relationship.

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