Cohabitation Needs Motivation

Living together and forming a family is not an easy task especially in these stressful and unpredictable times.
Most people are striving hard to survive at the present economy situation working under stressful conditions feeling depressed.
When working couple or sole breadwinner after a hard day work travelling with bagful of stress and tension would love to feel relief at home
They will seek for relief in their own method to solve problems or offload tensions.
It is the secret of transformation that will guide men and women to motivate themselves in different ways and means.
The awareness of motivation will surely benefit both partners, to support and receive support when needed.
Because when men become depressed, they make go for self-retreat, which may take some time staying in negative moods.
While women become depressed they form their own sex circle to get rid depression.
But just talking without intimacy love, sexual requirement and support cannot feel cherished.
Are secrets of motivation applicable to present couples?
Well yes it is necessary just like when men are motivated and empowered, they feel needed to support.
Just like if men do not feel that they are needed in their relationship will become less energized.
They will become passive, not so caring and can offer less to the relationship.
Just the opposite, when the male feel being trusted to fulfill their spouse‘s requirements and female can appreciate for his efforts, he will be empowered to offer more in their relationship.

Unlike women are motivated and empowered when they feel better and cherished.
If they do not feel cherished in their relationship will gradually become compulsively responsible, and feel exhausted from giving too much.

On the other side when feel being care for and being respected, they will be fulfilled with more to offer as well.
Practically, when the male fall in love, their body is heated intensely toward the chosen female partner.
And for the first time in life; he knew that had to care for her other than just themselves.
Men begin to found more meaning in their life thus this can lift their depression.
For centuries, men always maintain a win and lose philosophy, their attitude is as long as I win, you lose It is none of my concern.
This philosophy is meant for bachelors and not healthy for being marital tied people.
Because by giving primarily to just they are no longer satisfying.
So since being in love with their beloved partner they also wanted them to win as much as themselves.
It is understood that the attitude of only you win and you lose philosophy is really harmful to their relationship.
It is especially, when the male succeed to obtain their requirements and satisfaction at the expense of the female.
This will surely lead to unhappiness, conflict and resentment.
Men need to remember, the secret to a happy successful relationship is to allow both partners to win and to tackle losing situation together.
It is make known that male are hard, female are soft; men are round, women are angular; while the male is cool, female tends to be warm.
Although it sounds like opposite, but actually it is the meant to be different considered as the perfect way to complement each other.
Deep inside women’s mind they welcome men with their clear standings, loud and clear,
“Hi! Man, we needed you, your extended power and strength will bring forth great fulfillment, filling the void deep within our present, let us live together to create greater happiness”.

Women, although never say out aloud but the expression can really motivate and give empowerment to men who greatly appreciate this invitation.
By instinct, the female has the know how to send this message in the beginning of their relationship by a brief examination.
“You are the one that can care and make me happy”.
This is how women initiate the relationship, which encourages men to move closer.
It also empowered them to release their fear of having an intimate relationship.
But unfortunately, once they conclude their relationship, women neglects to send this message to men when common problems start to visibly emerge.
Men are usually very motivated by the possibility of making the difference with women.
They are moving to a new level of evolution to sustain their relationship.
They are proved to be no longer satisfied in developing their power.
Instead prefer to utilize their skills and power to accomplish services to others and especially women.

When men fall in love, they are no more selfish and feel confident of making major changes ahead in their lifestyles.
Given a chance to prove their potential, men always display their best selves.
Only when facing with failure which will regress to their same old selfish ways.
When release from the binding chains of self-motivation, men can become free to offer themselves not for personal gains but out of caring for others.
They can experience their partner’s fulfillment by offering.
The male will easily endure any sufferings because being energized with an honor purpose.
That is to make their partner happy which in turn makes them feel satisfied and happy too.
Although male are staving to receive love, but also eager to give love to their chosen partner.
In order to experience fulfillment they must be inspired in a free and selfless behaviors liberating the inertia of self-gratification image of caring for others.
Men had changed since from their win or lose situation to a new set of win to win philosophy.
Thus living in the world where everybody cares not only for themselves but also others as well.
The only sets back that can confuse the male actually do not really know where the missing link to offer fulfillment is.
Because they did not see how their father succeed in fulfilling their mother’s needs through providing.
So as a result, it is difficult to realize what sort of ‘source of fulfillment’ a man should offer.
As such, when their relationship fails or problems emerged they will stick in their own retreat not knowing how to continue and feel depressed.
This can cause men to withdraw from their relationship or intimacy.
They will start to refrain in caring, loving and giving because their chosen partner makes it like not needed.
As a matter of fact, if men can realize or feel needed again by their partner, they can be motivated again to dump off depression.
If men does not feel he is making any positive difference in their partner’s life will find difficulty to be caring and lovingly in their relationship.
How to make men turn back to be caring and lovingly?
Simple, they need to be motivated again, thus making them feel appreciated, trusted and accepted.
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