Sunday, November 28, 2010

Males Values

Men value more on power, efficiency, competency and achievement and often performing to prove them while at the same time will develop and show off their power and skills.
The male sense of self is defined through their ability and experience to achieve success, accomplishment with proven results and makes men the dominant party.
Everything in the men’s world is a reflection of the mentioned values even in their working life, dress up and interest.
More than often men are interested and concerned with outdoor activities, objects and favorite things rather than about people and feelings.
They seldom read romantic, people’s life magazine or self-help books but will be delighted with news, racing, fishing, technologies or more fantasies to lighten up their lifestyles.
Men are more preoccupied with matters like gaining power and creating results in achieving their goals.
In practice, they love to achieve goals by themselves because it is very important for him to prove his competence which makes him feel good.
It is their pride because other people cannot achieve for them and to them autonomy is a symbol of power, efficiency and competence.
This is the reason why men refused and resist women to correct them in their customized way of conduct.
Offering unsolicited advice may that they know nothing or nor capable in handling their problems.
He is very sensitive in this case because competence is so important to them.
Men always think alike, “When I can handle things myself why seek advice and assistance from other people” because asking help is perceived as a sign of weakness.
Male counterpart will only seek advice upon invitation because they keep things to themselves and while another man will feel honored if given the opportunity to provide advice.
Whereas, men usually give advice to their wife who actually wanted to discuss about problems and not merely asking for men’s offered solutions.
But men give advice is because they thought that this is the way to show love trying to help which hopefully will make his wife feel better and he is useful to her.
So the differences and misunderstanding comes in which the wife is not accepting or asking for solutions but needs to solve her upset problems and when this happen the men will feel increasingly useless because his solutions are rejected by her.
Practically, women want men to just listen with empathy, interest and be supportive at all times, nor inviting men to provide just a solution.

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