Monday, November 22, 2010

Relationship Siren

How many of us realise or aware women and men are supposed to different and are at odds with each another?
How a divorce does begin?
Without realising the important truth, we tend to get frustrated and angry with the opposite sex.
Actually it is just we want the opposite sex to agree to our feelings; get what we want; do what we want them to do; and to follow our desires and commands.
It is wrongly assume that if someone loves you; they will behave like us, act like us or follow our ways of living.
Having such attitude, we are denied or being prevent ourselves from taking into consideration by giving more necessary time to communicate and check the differences within both sexes.
Therefore it sets up disappointment after another and mistakenly expects the opposite sex to behave, talk, understand, communicate, feel and respond like each another.
As a matter of fact, because of the natural differences, the relationship starts to be filled up with undesirable conflicts and frictions.
To reduce such confusion, it is important to clearly recognize in respecting such differences while dealing with the opposite sex.
Do not forget, God created men as Adam and women as Eve so everything had to be sort out and to be well explained.
To eradicate the mistakes, we need to explore both sexes’ values which are inherently difference and not to make mistake by offering solutions and invalidate feelings while another side offers unsolicited advices, command and directions.
So by checking the differences, we will be able to immediately make up responses to each another with more productive methods.
Instead of feeling being “what is so bothering in our relationship” both sexes need to create some strategies to do away with conflicts at times.
It will be a great challenge that the male know how to overcome their resistance in giving love to the opposite sex and the female must also need to overcome their resistance in receiving love.

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